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Domino's enters the plant-based market in India by launching "chicken-like" vegetarian pizza

India's first plant-based protein pizza is here. Jubilant Foodworks Ltd, the country's leading foodservice company that operates Domino's India has launched a "chicken-like" vegetarian pizza.

It's a big step toward the future of food, specifically plant-based food in the country. Due to the impact of COVID-19 worldwide, people are becoming more open to the idea of plant-based meat and dairy. Globally, the plant-based meat market is significantly increasing and is estimated at over USD 7.3 Billion in 2020.

Domino's entry into the plant-based meat sector in India makes them the first one to do so. The pizza isn't vegan, but it sure is a window for people (both vegetarians and non-vegetarians) to get a sensory effect in terms of taste, texture, and sight of chicken with the goodness of plants.

Plant-based meat is made from plant/vegetable ingredients that replicate the taste and texture of meat. They are better for your health, the environment, and are cruelty-free.

Conventional meat produced by rearing animals results in various global problems from human health, climate change, and animal welfare issues. The world is now looking at China and India. Our population base and growing economies mean our meat consumption is also likely to increase.

With taste and price being some of the major factors in decision-making, a recent survey conducted by Good Food Institute India reveals that about 63 percent of Indian consumers are likely to buy more plant-based meats like chicken and mutton.

With the emergence of companies like Gooddot, Mr. Veg, Imagine Foods, Evo Foods in the alt-meat segment, and Goodmylk in the vegan milk sector, India is where the world is eyeing on.

With Domino's being the first quick-service restaurant (QSR) to enter the plant-based protein market, there's a lot of pressure created on the competitors to do the same now. Domino's is running a pilot test in the Delhi-NCR region, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Pratik Pota, chief executive officer, Jubilant Foodworks Ltd. was quoted by Deccan Herald- "This innovative and 100 percent vegetarian product will allow Indian consumers to experience the plant-protein wave sweeping across the world. "Domino’s has always brought pioneering innovations to the Indian market, and we are happy to once again be the first to bring this trend to India."


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