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Baskin Robbins India Launches Two New Vegan Flavors of The Month

The American ice-cream brand Baskin Robbins launched two new flavors of ice-creams in India. The announcement happened on the 9th of December 2020 with their Instagram post.

Baskin Robbins India posted stating that over the years, they have received a lot of messages asking for a vegan range to be added to their wide-range of dairy-based ice-creams. These two new flavors are dairy-free and vegan, made from coconut milk.

The two newly added flavors are Alphonso Mango and Mississippi Mud. The company was also seen using the hashtag #OMGItsDairyFree on their post.

In the year 2019, the company had released a press release stating their move of entering into the plant-based dessert category with the launch of two new flavors in the US- Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme.

Picture Credit: Baskin Robbins India

With a global increase in the plant-based food category, Baskin Robbins' decisions to enter into the plant-based dessert category seems practical. This decision also comes with a wide appreciation and applaud from the vegan community in India as comments flood their Instagram post.

According to the latest report by Food Industry Asia, Indian consumers are turning towards healthy vegan food and beverages. As demand rises, it will be a loss of opportunity for brands if they do not venture into the dairy-free, vegan, and cruelty-free category.

With a recent announcement by Unilever to adding more plant-based options to their kitty, this move by Baskin Robbins is a definite step towards a more cruelty-free range of products to offer. Will other brands follow the footsteps of Unilever and Baskin Robbins? We'll keep a watch and keep you posted.


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