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It's Kritikal! is the brain and name child of Kritika Singh (and that'd be me!)

Until a few years ago, I remember fuming with anger when someone made fun of my name and called me "critical." As a child, this used to trouble me but since I grew up it became a way of helping me introduce myself to strangers, especially people from different parts of the world. And from being called out critical, I was actually being remembered by people who otherwise would've forgotten my name. Sure, changing something I saw in a negative light to positive took some serious self-reflection and understanding but it turned out to be good. And in a funny way, "Kritikal" struck a chord with everyone! Author of Broken Open, Elizabeth Lesser calls transforming a negative experience into positive, as The Phoenix Process, which we’ll be discussing in our Podcast one day. Hence this was one of the first words that came to my mind when I thought of doing my Podcast and to strike conversations with people.

It's Kritikal! is a podcast and blog about who we are as individuals, and holding conversations around topics that are critical for the wellbeing of human and non-human animals, environment and our health. It's about the psychology of everyday things.

 I hope you have a good time listening to this podcast. For feedback or inputs, you can write to me at


I am a marketing consultant and independent researcher with an interest in Social Psychology and Consumer Behavior. 

To know more about me, you can connect with me on LinkedIn here.

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