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S01E00 Understanding Why 'It's Kritikal!' with Kritika Singh

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hi Guys,

This is the intro post to our podcast and vlog on understanding why 'It's Kritikal!' and what was the idea behind choosing that name.

This website is managed by Kritika Singh (your host) and all the lovely illustrations you see here are by my dear friend Siddharth Bishnu.

We've now updated our music and worked on the sound quality. We now have on-board with us Jonathan Lusteau, a musician and a very talented sound editor who help us in sailing our podcast ship smoothly.

We also have Joshua Thakur who helps us in editing the newer episodes along with Jonathan and has been helping us in creating better sounding podcasts.

Listen to our transition episode here or read the article here to learn more about team It's Kritikal!

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Cover art by @siddailydoodles

Podcast music by @jon_lust_ | Youtube | Sound Cloud

Podcast edit by @thakurjoshua

Podcast hosted by Kritika Singh | Instagram: @indianvegandiary | Twitter: @dontbekritikal


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